Matt Craig
UX/UI Design, PM, Developer

Selected Work
UX - Responsive Website
Cloud Designer
UX - Responsive Website
South 20 Network Club
UX - Mobile
Polo (Now Rally)
UX - Native Mobile
Depaul University's D2L (CMS)
UX - Website
UX - Mobile
UX - Mobile
UX Research (45 pages of Research Uploading Soon!!)
UX - Native Mobile (Coming Soon!!!)


Matt Craig
Chicago, IL

Career Focus: UX Design, QA, and/or Product Management

Masters Degree- Computer Science HCI
*Extra courses to expand knowledge base: CS Project Management, Systems Analysis, Java Programming, Database Design, PHP Programming

Bachelors Degree- Business Finance (Fin. Inst. & Real Estate)

Hobbies: Guitar, Snowmobiles, Karaoke, Bags (unless you're from some weird place that calls it corn hole?), Open Mics, Grilling Out, Movie Lover, Playing with My Dog, Bentley :), and Playing Guitar and Singing.

I have had many experiences that led lead me to this point. Besides being a project manager of a construction company and my entrepreneurial experiences, I have completed a lot of freelance UX, development, and PM work, not to mention my undergraduate and gradudate education. I rememeber being a kid and asking myself why the buttons on a remote control were placed so poorly or early websites were so hard to use. Even car radios struck me as not being thought out properly by the manufacturer. The users were definitely not in the minds of the designers and engineers. I love what I do and can't picture doing anything else.

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